Greeley Arts Legacy

Nominations for the awards are now being accepted from the public at large. Please go to our NOMINATIONS PAGE to nominate for 2020.

Congratulations to the following honorees inducted October 4, 2019 into the Greeley Arts Legacy Hall of Fame inaugural class: Helen Langworthy, Jil Rosentrater, Ruth Savig, Dr. Howard Skinner, Bob Tointon, and The Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra.



Greeley Arts Legacy Honors Awards Event Program - 2019


About Us

The Greeley Arts Legacy exists to support and identify the most highly regarded artists, art educators, arts leaders, benefactors, creatives, and arts organizations in Greeley, from it's founding in 1870 to the present.

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Hall of Fame

Each year, the Greeley Arts Legacy will nominate up to 6 individuals to be recognized and honored for their contributions to the Greeley art community. The Union Colony Civic Center is the site for the Arts Legacy Hall of Fame.

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Arts Heritage

Explore the rich history of art in Greeley by learning about important projects and individuals that have made an impact on the city throughout the years.